Stay cool

Stay cool

The temperatures are rising, which means it can be hard to sleep and people get cranky (and I’m not just talking about the kids!).
Here’s a few tips to keep you cool:

|| Reduce your body temp ||
Use a cold face cloth or wash your wrists, back of your neck and feet with cold water. This is especially helpful before you go to bed and will help reduce your body temp.

Dunking your feet into a bucket of icy water can also help bring your temperature down.

|| Eat smart ||
Your body heats up as it works hard to digest larger meals. Eating smaller portions can help keep you cooler as your body won’t heat up from the inside.

|| Stay hydrated ||
Drink cool water throughout the day. This will help bring your body temperature down. It will also help prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.
If you don’t like plain water, try adding lemon, orange, mint, cucumber, slices of summer fruit. You can also pop ice cubes into a drink bottle to help keep it cool through the day.
Also cut your caffeine intake back as this further dehydrates your body.

|| Dress right ||
Opt for light coloured clothing. And avoid synthetic fibres as they will make you sweat even more. Lightweight cotton or silk fabrics are great options.

|| Reset your temperature gauge ||
If you are someone who struggles with the heat constantly and just feels too hot all the time, traditional acupuncture may help you. It’s great at helping reset your internal body temperature gauge. It’s also handy if you are cold all the time.

Posted: Friday 21 December 2018