Top tips for remembering your reusable shopping bags

Top tips for remembering your reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags are great. When you have them with you!

So here’s a few tips to help you remember yours:

• As soon as you have unpacked the shopping put your bags straight back into the car either in the boot or the footwell of the backseat. That way if you are just ‘popping in for a few things’ you are already prepared.

• If you have 2 cars, keep bags in both. If you’re too lazy to take them straight back to the car, then leave them with your keys on top so when you next head to the car they are ready and waiting to go.

• Pop a handy bag or two into the pocket at the back of the passenger or driver’s seat and leave the handles out a bit so you remember they are there  These are great emergency backup bags for those times when you forgot your main stash!

• Hang them on a handy hook near the door so you don’t forget them (but seriously, keep them in the car, that way you are always ready for shopping!).

• If you have a shopping list (and it does help keep the shopping bill down) start with ‘bags’ at the top as a reminder.

• If you shop on a regular day, set a reminder on your phone well before you leave to remind you to ‘get the bags’.

• You can also set a reminder for when you get to the supermarket so you remember to get your bags out of the car.

• Or if you are feeling old-school, pop a post it note reminder on your dashboard.

• Get the kids in on the act – ask them to remind you when you get to the store or make one of them ‘bag keeper’ and make a game of it.

Practice makes perfect. It’s okay if you forget, don’t berate yourself, just try again – you are creating a new habit and you will get there, just keep practicing until it becomes habit.

If you are looking for reusable bags we have a range in store and online including those for bulk items and fruit. 

Posted: Wednesday 12 June 2019