Accunect Technique

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Accunect Technique
Accunect technique - With Carolyn
Would you like it if your body was functioning at higher levels of health, efficiency and performance?
Perhaps your not quite feeling yourself, feeling anxious or depressed and don't know how to make the changes?
Would you like to have more energy, better sleep and a sense of well-being and calm?
Accunect is a simple but powerful non invasive technique that supercharges your body's natural ability to heal as nature intended. It has fast, profound and long lasting effects on your physical, mental and emotional and energetic health by using your own unique HealthMap..
Accunect works by helping to shift your body from Stress Mode to Healing Mode by bringing balance to the nervous system and circulatory system so that the body can heal itself. Stress puts our system into Fight and Flight mode  and this takes resources away from healing, digestion and immune function. Accunect is completely safe, we use a gentle tapping technique over the head  (nervous system) and over the heart (meridians)
which helps the body to balance itself naturally. 
I liken it to pressing RESET on your computer - sometimes your system gets into a state of overwhelm and it simply needs a reboot...Healing can then take place on all levels Mind Body and Energy.
Accunect can help with the following issues and much more.....
Anger issues
Behavior problems
Endocrine disorders
Focus and Clarity
High Blood pressure
Learning disorders
Post Traumatic stress
Muscular pain
Relationship issues 
Scars-sports injuries


By appointment.

Bookings can be made:

Carolyn Wielinga

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Posted: Friday 27 September 2019