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"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber
  • First Aid Care For Dogs
    To use on small wounds and bruises for dogs. Apply to affected area twice daily or as required.

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Beeswax, Lavender, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Niaoli

    External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.
    NZ$ 17.00 90g
  • Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs
    High Omega-3 and 6 to aid in reducing inflammation such as joint pain
    Improves skin and coat quality
    Strengthens immunity

    Massage into dogs skin daily.

    *There are loads of useful articles to read online about the benefits of hemp seed oil Externally and internally.

    Ingredients: Organic Hemp seed oil

    External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.
    NZ$ 17.99 200ml
  • Joint Spray For Dogs
    For joint and muscle ease
    Calamari contains high Omega-3 DHA
    May reduce inflammation

    Massage into affected area twice daily.

    Ingredients: Ginger, Peppermint, Helichrysum, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Calamari oil

    External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.
    NZ$ 20.00 60ml
  • Kawakawa Gold With Active 15+ Manuka Honey For Horses And Hounds
    Kawakawa Gold is a unique, hand-made 100% natural healing salve.

    The salve contains organic herbs and Manuka honey to aid in the topical treatment of skin irritations and conditions such as dry, flaky or cracked skin. This can also be used as a Paw Balm for dogs.

    For best results: Use the Kawakawa massage soap for horses and hounds first to clean away bacteria and yeast. (Do not use any soaps on open bleeding wounds. Soap is alkaline and cause irritation on open cuts).

    Ingredients: 15+ Active Manuka Honey, NZ Northland Organic Raw Beeswax,
    Carnauba Wax, Lavender oil, Cedarwood oil, Aloe Vera, Infused oils of: Kawakawa, German Chamomile, Nettle, Calendula, Peppermint, Comfrey, Dandelion root
    NZ$ 29.90 150g
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  • Kawakawa Massage Soap For Horses And Hound
    100% natural and hand-made here in New Zealand.

    This Kawakawa Soap has ingredients that are antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-fungal which is formulated to treat skin disorders, mud fever, rain scald and bacterial skin complaints and allergies, and the plant and essential oils have been shown to help with deterrence of fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

    The soap comes in a beautiful massage bar, designed to gently cleanse and provide relief while releasing tension and stress of achy muscles (Do not use any soap products on bleeding open wounds). Soap is alkaline and can irritate proud flesh.

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Pure rain water, Green oxide (A natural, skin-safe earth mineral used for pigment), Herb infused oils of: Kawakawa, Calendula, Chamomile flower, Nettle leaf, Peppermint, Aloe Vera powder, Comfrey, Dandelion root
    NZ$ 14.95 120g
  • Leather And Saddle Soap
    A high quality, natural glycerin humectant based soap. This soap includes beeswax, lanolin and pure essential oils of tea tree & eucalyptus oils. It is formulated to clean heavy dirt, grime and soil stains. It preserves leather, prevents brittleness and keeps leather soft and supple. Includes beeswax for added protection, lanolin for quality conditioning and tea tree and eucalyptus to inhibit mold and mildew, preventing stitching from deteriorating. Works on all leather surfaces and leather colours.

    For the best results, apply Bee Kind Leather Oil straight after cleaning.
    NZ$ 25.30 150g
  • Leather Oil
    A quality leather oil to provide a deep shine, nourish, protect and inhibit mold and mildew, preventing leather and stitching from deteriorating over time

    Works on all leather surfaces and colours and restores dry leather and repels water and penetrates deeply into the leather surface. Restores sun faded leather.
    NZ$ 23.00 250g
  • Magesium Gel For Dogs And Horse's
    To use on Dogs and Horses for Muscles, ligaments and tendons. Can aid in reducing anxiety and aggression.

    Ingredients: Magnesium, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper, Ginger, Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Geogard 221 (eco-cert approved preservative)

    External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.
    NZ$ 25.00 200ml
  • Naturally White Massage Soap Bar for Horses & Hounds - with Mesh Drawstring Bag
    Completely natural and handmade in New Zealand, the deep cleansing and stain-removing action of this Soap, is designed to cleanse and massage your horse or hound. The soap comprises of a blend of oils with added finely ground NZ organic volcanic pumice and gold certified essential plant oils.

    The natural ingredients and certified essential plant oils in our Naturally White Soap Wash are anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-fungal. The cleansing soap is naturally formulated to help with skin disorders, mud fever, rain scald and bacterial skin complaints.

    Excellent for white horses with the cleansing and conditioning properties which bring out the beauty and whiteness of their tails, manes, and coats in one rinse.

    *Also suitable as a cleansing and softening wash for coloured animals as it does not contain any chemicals or bleaches. It also makes a fantastic flea deterrent.

    Active Ingredients in our Naturally White Soap Wash for Horses & Hounds contain: Base of finely groun
    NZ$ 14.95 120g
  • Beeswax Leather Preserver with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus
    A 100% natural Beeswax and Carnauba wax formulation with pure essential oils of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree - to waterproof, soften, preserve, & feed leather
    keeping it soft, nourished & durable. Eucalyptus & Tea Tree are antimicrobial and antibacterial so they naturally inhibit mold and mildew and prevent leather
    and stitching from deteriorating. Beeswax and Carnauba wax are natural lubricants and protect leather from harsh elements, forming a protective wax barrier
    on the surface of the leather so the leather lasts longer.

    There are no neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no solvents, turps and no artificial fragrances in our homemade special recipes. Every ingredient is renewable,
    100% biodegradable, non-flammable and earth-friendly. Create a healthier home and use a product that is safe for your family, your health, and the

    Easy to apply: Just softly wipe on with a cloth! You can use your hands without fear of harshness or toxicity to your skin. Leather is a skin with fibers and
    pores, that requires proper natural lubrication and needs to breathe. Because leather no longer has a body to provide proper natural oils, we must provide
    these oils for it. When applied to leather, the wax deeply penetrates the surface, coating each individual fiber with a balanced application of natural oils making
    the leather much softer. This wax revives older leathers that have become very hard, brittle and dried out.

    Great for any leather used in the outdoors to protect from water, mold, mildew and dampness, great for vinyls, footwear, clothing, saddlery and harness
    equipment, leather lounge suites and upholstery, handbags, belts, motorcycle leather, boots, leather jackets, leather purses, leather wallets, leather bags and
    any old brittle leather that needs restoring and reviving.
    NZ$ 23.00 180g