“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” ~William Londen
  • Kifir Kit
    Kefir is the latest craze and is building in popularity, so jump on board! It is a delicious healthy drink, containing eight strains of live kefir culture which are beneficial for your tummy and help you get the best out of your food.
    NZ$ 21.99
  • Kefir Culture (2 sachets)
    Kefir is a popular and delicious fermented drink, using bacteria and yeast, which is healthy and great for you.

    Mad Millie Kefir Culture contains 7 bacteria strains and 1 yeast strain:

    Lactococcus lactis subsp. Cremoris,
    Lactococcus lactis subsp. Lactis,
    Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis,
    Candida colliculosa
    Streptococcus thermophilus
    Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus
    Bifidobacterium lactis
    Lactobacillus acidophilus

    Pack contains 2 sachets. Contains: milk/dairy
    NZ$ 6.95
  • Coconut Yoghurt Kit
    Make dairy free Coconut Yoghurt that is bursting with a delicious coconut flavour coupled with tangy beneficial live cultures. Each spoonful will send you off on a relaxing journey to the tropics. Great to use on your morning museli, smoothie, or whenever you need a moment in paradise.
    NZ$ 34.90
  • Greek yoghurt Kit
    With the Mad Millie Probiotic Greek Yoghurt Kit you can make delicious probiotic greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt and Labna (yoghurt cheese).
    NZ$ 23.90
  • Dairy Free Yoghurt Culture (5 sachets)
    This dairy free yoghurt culture is a freeze-dried yoghurt culture ideal for making yoghurt and yoghurt cheese, which contain the following strains; streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subs. bulgaricus, bifidobacterium lactis, lactobacillus acidophilus.

    5 sachets included and each sachet contains enough culture to make 1-2 L of yoghurt.

    This culture is shelf stable for 10 months. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture
    NZ$ 9.95
  • Cultured Butter Kit
    Make handcrafted European style butter in your own home!

    Contains everything you need to make delicious and creamy artisan butter yourself. This kit uses live cultures for an authentic, farmhouse flavour just like butter made by artisan butter producers in Europe.

    Use 500 ml of fresh cream to make 190 g of fresh cultured butter each time. Enough culture for up to 9 kg of cultured butter.

    The mesophilic culture is shelf stable for 10 months. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture.
    NZ$ 24.90
  • Vegan cheese kit
    Good for the tummy, great for health and gentle on the earth!

    Our Vegan Cheese Kit makes it easy to create a delicious, (guilt free!) vegan cheeses like mozzarella, halloumi, cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta and feta.
    NZ$ 59.99
  • Italian Cheese Kit
    Make mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone and more, fresh from your kitchen!

    The Italian Cheese Kit provides you with everything you need to whip up these Italian favourites quickly, all in under an hour!

    Designed to be used in any kitchen. No cheese making experience needed! No artificial flavours or preservatives and is vegetarian.

    Time: 1 hour per recipe
    Quantity: Over 10 batches. Approx. 6 kg total before additional consumables need to be purchased.
    Cheese this kit makes: Mozzarella, Bocconcini, Ricotta, Ricotta Salata, Burrata, Mascarpone
    NZ$ 42.90
  • Artisan Cheese Kit
    The ultimate kit for cheese lovers!

    The Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit has everything you need to create an array of delicious fresh and aged hard cheese at home. Just add milk! No artificial flavours and preservative free.

    This kit contains genuine cheese making culture so you can be sure your cheese will be authentic and full of flavour. It also includes a cheese press with pressure gauge to make pressing hard cheeses easy. This kit is designed to be used in any kitchen. No cheese making experience needed.

    Time: Made in a 1 day (does not include maturing time for hard cheeses)
    Quantity: Over 20 batches. Approx. 10 kg total before additional consumables need to be purchased.
    Cheeses this kit makes; mozzarella, ricotta, ricotta salata, mascarpone, quark, cottage cheese, feta, goat's feta, goat's milk spreadable cheese, halloumi, light cream cheese, cream cheese, farmhouse butter, Chevre Frais, colby, cheddar, havarti, Caerphilly and Wensleydale.

    The mesophilic culture is shelf stable for 10 months. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture.
    NZ$ 176.50
  • Mesophilic Culture (5 sachets)
    Mesophilic (MW3) is a freeze dried culture, which contain special strains of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris and Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis.

    Each sachet contains enough culture for 4 L of milk. Activity = 2.4 U.

    This culture is shelf stable for 8 months. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture
    NZ$ 8.95
  • Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Kit
    Make non-alcoholic or alcoholic ginger beer the old fashioned way! Make delicious ginger beer from scratch using ginger, brown sugar, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer yeast, water and nothing more.
    NZ$ 79.90
  • Ginger Beer Yeast (3 sachets)
    This is a replacement item for the Old Fashioned ginger beer kit. This comes in a 3 pack so 3 batches of ginger beer can be made.

    Ingredients: Yeast nutrients, dried yeast, vitamins and trace minerals.
    NZ$ 7.99
  • Brew It Yourself Lager Kit
    Make your own refreshing lager with Mad Millie, it’ll go down even smoother knowing you made it yourself! 

This kit includes all the specialised ingredients and equipment you need to brew 9 L of your own craft brew at home. No brewing experience needed!

    Type: Lager
    Makes: Makes 12 x 750 ml Bottles
    Yeast: Mangrove Jack's California Lager
    Colour: Pale Colour
    Bitterness: 22-28 (2/5)
    Tasting Notes: Crisp, clean and refreshing, a delicious golden lager with just the right amount of bitterness combined with a perfectly dry finish.
    NZ$ 109.00
  • Cider Starter Kit
    The Mad Millie Cider Starter Kit contains everything you need to make 12 x 750ml bottles of your own refreshingly crisp apple cider at home. It includes natural fruit juice concentrate made from the very best fruit in Millie's garden. All packed to retain the delicate flavours and aromas and ensure your cider is full of zest.
    NZ$ 139.95
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - Certified Organic
    Organic cider vinegar has been used for centuries as a health tonic and antiseptic.
    Many people start their day with a teaspoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water and swear it's beneficial.
    NZ$ 8.99 750ml
  • Raw Kiwifruit Vinegar
    Goulter's Kiwi fruit vinegar is very golden in colour and has a lovely sweet & sour flavour to it. It is allot more subtle than the apple cider vinegar.
    This means for the people who find apple cider vinegar far too strong you now have an alternative TONIC DRINK.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Healing as! Black Cumin Seed Oil
    Black cumin seed oil is a pleasantly pungent and spicy tasting oil with a huge range of benefits experienced by many peoples over a recorded history of 4000 years.
    NZ$ 27.00 250ml
  • Helmsdale Hives - Raw Honey
    100% Raw Honey made in Whangarei.

    Beautiful tasting and beneficial, this honey is of high quality without the high price.

    This honey is packaged in a 500g glass jar
    NZ$ 14.99 500g
  • Raw Kanuka Honey 100+MG
    100% Raw Kanuka Honey is an all-natural honey, produced from the nectar of the Kanuka tree.

    The Kanuka tree is a close relative of the renowned Manuka tree, its Honey is also world renowned for it’s range of dietary benefits & healing properties. It can be consumed for sore throats & oral hygiene, digestive health, used in remedies for cold & flu symptoms, and can also be applied topically to skin (cuts, burns, acne, eczema) etc.
    NZ$ 19.99 250g
  • Himalayan salt inhaler
    Included is a 200gm bag of Himalayan salts.

    It is said that when you inhale through the mouthpiece, the passing moisture absorbs micron particles of this incredibly pure, bio energetic and mineral laden Himalayan Pink Salt that penetrates and cleanses the entire respiratory system including sinuses, nasal cavities, throat and lungs.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Cook Island Organic Noni Juice
    "NONI Juice (Morinda Citrifolia), made from the Morinda plant, has been used for well over 2000 years as a source of nutrition and medicine for people throughout the Pacific region. Virtually all parts of the Noni fruit's botanical properties have been preserved in our juice creating a tonic with unique chemical structures found to exert an array of healing properties.
    NZ$ 22.00 500ml
  • Hemp Seed Oil
    Premium certified organic hemp seed oil, carefully selected for purity and quality.

    This certified organic hemp seed oil is carefully handled from grower to your table. After being grown organically in pristine rural Canada, it is gently cold-pressed by experts to create the highest quality hemp seed oil in the world. It is then shipped fresh to New Zealand, to our certified organic bottling facility where it is poured into dark glass bottles, nitrogen flushed and double sealed to lock in freshness. The oil is pro-cert organic and USDA approved.

    The sale of the top-quality Canadian oil funds the growth of the New Zealand hemp industry, such as developing new state-of-the-art fiber and hurd processing.

    Recommended daily intake 1 tablespoon per day. To preserve the natural qualities, do not fry with any cold pressed oils including hemp.

    Ingredients: Hemp seed oil
    NZ$ 22.99 250ml

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