Body bars

  • A super healing and very gentle body bar to help with all kinds of skin problems (eczema, rashes, itchy skin etc).
    NZ$ 12.50
  • You can thank the bees for this one! Alongside all the usual ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil, this body bar comes with a generous helping of NZ Manuka Honey and beeswax. Leaves your skin feeling (and smelling) amazing.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • The "Queen" of essential oils, mainly because lavender is just about good for anything. Calm your mind and wash your cares away with this delightfully aromatic bar. Use before bed time to help with falling asleep and having sweet dreams.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • With the refreshing mix of Spearmint & Peppermint, this soap bar will leave your bathroom smelling fresh as well as your body.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • Make no mistake with this one, you DO clean with it, rather than eat it. However, with essential oils of Cinnamon & Clove, Vanilla Extract and Ground Oats - you'd be forgiven for having a little nibble.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • Kinda speaks for itself right? With a little help from Mother Nature's powerful aphrodisiacs such as Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Lavender, Bergamot and Cinnamon - this arousing body bar will get you (or someone else) in the mood for some playful hanky panky.
    NZ$ 9.50
  • Ethique Matcha, Lime & Lemongrass body wash bar
    With fresh, citrus-y scents of Lime oil, lemongrass oil and lashings of matcha tea powder make this the perfect morning shower bar.
    NZ$ 10.50
  • Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Body Wash Bar
    Vanilla is creamy, sweet and delicious, with a hit of sweet orange oil to lighten it up.
    NZ$ 10.50
  • This soap bar is made with natural ingredients and it can be used in fresh and salt water (excellent foaming in salt water) making it great for your camping and fishing trips.
    NZ$ 7.50
  • Coco Vanilla Bar
    Luxury mild & moisturizing soap. Coconut cream and white clay gently clean skin leaving it soft and silky. Vanilla essential oil gives soap lovely caramel color and divine scent. Suitable for face, body and hair.
    NZ$ 14.99 130g
  • Pure Peony Sensitive Soap
    Pure Peony soap, specifically designed for sensitive skin with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis in mind. White Peony root on an Olive Oil base to soothe and nourish without aggravating already sensitive skin. Ingredients: Vegetable Oils, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Powdered New Zealand Peony Root.
    NZ$ 12.50
  • Safix scrub pad for feet and body
    This unique scrub pad is made from natural coconut fibres bound together by a non-toxic adhesive and treated to retain their natural abrasive properties.
    NZ$ 5.50
  • Spiced Mocha Bar
    Luxury, beautiful, truly everyday all-in-one soap which nourishes your skin, hair & scalp & stimulates your senses. Rich in antioxidants from coffee & cocoa, great for cold mornings with warming scent of cinnamon, ginger & chocolate.
    NZ$ 14.99 130g (approx)
  • Super Greens Bar
    Refreshing, nourishing & purifying soap, rich in super green nutrients & marine minerals. Great for any skin & natural hair.
    NZ$ 14.99 130g (approx)