Cosmetic packaging

  • 10ml Roll-On Glass Bottle
    This handy glass roll on bottle is perfect when making liquid lip balms, serums, oils and perfumes.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 1.99 10ml
  • 125ml Amber Glass Jar
    A great glass jar when making your own creams, gels, balms.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 3.30 125ml
  • 15ml Amber Dripulator Bottle
    Use this glass bottle when making your own mixes of essential oil blends.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 1.99 15ml
  • 200ml Amber Glass Pump Bottle
    Use this bottle when making lotions, shampoo and conditioner, hand wash.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 4.00 200ml
  • 50ml Amber Glass Pump Bottle
    A great wee glass bottle for making things such as lotions, gels, massage oil, toners etc.

    Wash and reuse.

    Two options available - Spray top or pump
    NZ$ 2.60 50ml
  • 65ml Amber Glass Jar
    Great for using when making your own creams, lotions and gels.

    Glass jar to recycle for further use.
    NZ$ 2.60 65ml
  • Kraft Deodorant Tube
    These cardboard tubes are made with oil-resistant paper.

    They hold up to 85g of product and are a push-up tube.
    NZ$ 4.50
  • Lip Balm Tube
    Plastic lip balm tube for diy.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 1.99
  • Mascara Tube Set
    3x 7.5ml empty mascara tubes with rubber inserts and funnels.

    Make your own Mascara or eye lash oil.

    * These items are plastic but designed to re-use multiple times
    NZ$ 10.50
  • Slider Tin
    This slider tin is perfect when making your own lip balms, eye shadows or blush.

    Wash and reuse.
    NZ$ 2.50