Beechwood, sisal and piassava fibre.

    Sisal is a very robust fibre from a cactus species grown in Africa. The fibres are strong and durable, and do not absorb water easily. Unbleached sisal is a golden creamy colour.
    Piassava is a coarse, elastic palm fibre originating from West Africa and South America.
    NZ$ 19.99
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  • Large Wooded Varnished Soap Rack
    Made locally in whangarei. Lovely soap dish to hold your bars.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Small Wooden Varnished Soap Holder
    Made locally in Whangarei. A lovely soap dish for storing your bars.
    NZ$ 7.99
  • Wooden Toilet Brush holder
    A hand made wooden vanished toilet brush holder.

    Just add a dish/bowl underneath and your ready to go.
    NZ$ 21.99
  • Wooden Toothbrush Holder
    Hand crafted wooden toothbrush holder varnished. Perfect for keeping your brushes clean and dry. Especially good when using bamboo brushes as they can become moldy when kept in a jar/container.

    We have 3 options available online. A 4 brush holder which is $16, a 5 brush holder which is $18 and a 6 brush holder which is $20. If you would like a custom size, please email or Facebook message us.

    We generally have these in stock, however please allow a few days for delivery incase we need to get more or custom ones made up.
    NZ$ 16.00
  • Peppermint toilet cleaner
    This Peppermint Toilet Cleaner is a favourite of our customers. A fresh peppermint smell and awesome cleaning.
    NZ$ 14.95 1kg