Stainless Steel Items

  • Bento Ninja Lunchbox - Single Deep
    This lunchbox is designed for a single meal lunch or any meal. Single tier DEEP size container with a set of clips and a small rectangle container inside. You could also use for takeaway sushi (could fit 16pcs) or other takeaway food.

    18 cm x 13cm, and 7.5cm in height
    It can take 1300ml of food ( way bigger than standard takeaway containers) + 250ml (rectangle container)
    Weight: 355g + 125g (rectangle container)

    It’s perfect size for an adult lunchbox. You can use a small rectangle container for fruit, crackers or some baking.
    NZ$ 47.99
  • Bento Ninja Lunchbox Sytem - Deep
    This innovative and versatile stainless steel bento lunchbox system grows with your lifestyle from toddlers to adults.

    18 x 13 x 11cm
    Overall volume is 2000ml + 250ml.
    Weight 558g + 125g (rectangular container)

    Great for lunch or snacks:
    It can be used as 1 tier or 2 tiers
    Perfect size for everybody's lunch and snacks
    2 layers with a rectangular container
    NZ$ 67.99
  • Florence Stainless Steel Straw Set - Bent
    This pack contains 4 stainless steel drinking straws and a straw cleaner.

    Easy to clean - simply put in the dishwasher or hand wash with the straw cleaner.
    NZ$ 26.99
  • Stainless Steel Spork
    A spoon and fork, 2 in 1! You can have yoghurt and fruit or even pasta. Beautifully curved shape fits in your hand comfortably. Generous size for soup or yoghurt. I can guarantee you would like to take it with you for camping and picnic too, not just for school lunch!
    NZ$ 8.50