• Dirty Hippie Deodorant
    The theory behind Probiotic Deodorant is that it works to increase the good bacteria, just like probiotics do for tummies. Increasing the good bacteria fights the bad smelly bacteria, you are working with your body, not against it. Contained in each deodorant is a good dose of high quality, shelf-stable, probiotic.

    These Deodorants come in a cardboard push up tube.
    NZ$ 20.00 60g
  • Ethique Deodorants
    Stay fresh and confident all day long, without baking soda or aluminium. Instead, our wonder ingredients keep sweat and smell away: magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo(which absorbs 200% its own weight in sweat and oil).

    Please note that this is a solid deodorant, which helps keep your underarms smelling fresh rather than stop sweat, it is not an antiperspirant, this bar will not block your sweat glands.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • Nature Body Probiotic Deodorant - 20g tube
    Probiotic deodorant from Nature body in a handy 20g travel size.

    Made with natural ingredients and a compostable cardboard tube, these deodorants are designed to reduce odour (not sweating as our bodies are designed to sweat)
    NZ$ 11.50 20g
  • Nature Body Probiotic Roll On Deodorant
    Finally a completely natural probiotic roll-on deodorant, which is baking soda free and doesn't sting. Also great for non-shaved armpits and skin that reacts to baking soda!

    Simply roll on a little deodorant after showering to keep you smelling fresh through the day without any harmful chemicals.

    It works by utilising magnesium powder (non-chloride, so no sting), colloidal silver, organic aloe vera gel, essential oils and two topical strains of probiotics that studies show used to live on our skin before the age of anti-bacterial soaps and washes. One strain in particular oxidises sweat on your body and helps keeps skin healthy. It even reduces the need for deodorant!
    NZ$ 20.00 50ml