Mums & Bubs

  • Contoured Breast Pad  - 1 Pair
    These reusable breast pads are a fantastic alternative to disposable pads.

    These pads are made up of 4 layers:
    100% Cotton against the skin
    Bamboo flannelette for absorbancy
    A waterproof PUL layer for protection
    A cotton print outer layer

    *Please note. There are different patterns available. Due to us getting a variety of patterns, we will send what we have in stock :-)
    NZ$ 15.90
  • Nature Body Baby Bump Pregnancy Oil
    Use to relax, prevent stretch marks, for itchy skin, back pain, swollen feet, insomnia and constipation.
    Gentle and soothing.
    NZ$ 15.00 50ml
  • Nature Body Bentonite Baby Balm 65g
    A gentle healing cream for babies, especially under nappy area. Organic bentonite clay is extremely healing for skin, while natural butters and oils heal and protect.

    Apply with each nappy change.
    NZ$ 16.00 65g
  • Teething Tamer
    With all-natural sedative and pain-relieving properties, this organic formulation is ideal for children who are experiencing discomfort and irritability due to teething.
    NZ$ 22.00 30g