A neat little store is open in Whangarei
Eco-friendly & natural all the way.
Plastic fantastic is so last year
Reducing and reusing is here to stay.
If your sick of seeing so much plastic around
Come see us at the back end of town.
Jump on board the Eco-friendly club
Visit us at the EKO HUB 

ll The dream ll

The idea of Eko Hub arose from our desire to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life style. The shop does not serve one single purpose only, but focuses on a variety of different aspects. We would like to promote the reduction of single-use plastics as much as possible through offering reusable packaging and encouraging people to bring their own.

ll Whats in a name ll

The name 'Eko Hub' was decided on as we wanted to portray the store as a hub for conscious thinking. With the main focus on being Eco-friendly, we want to offer a range of products focused around this theme and offering the chance for people to have choices of plastic alternatives. 

ll What we will offer ll

We provide some raw ingredients, enabling people to make their own products. With this, we hope to promote conscious decision making and encourage taking charge of one’s own wellbeing and waste control. Furthermore, money saving is also one of Eko Hub’s main objectives. To give an example, we will offer self-making cheese kits (including Vegan) that can make a number of batches. Not only do you save money by not buying single cheeses, but by making it youselves you save packaging and hence, reduce waste. We would like to think that saving money and reducing waste go hand in hand.

Further examples of products that we will be offering: Natural/organic products, DIY kits, bamboo toothbrushes, organic loose teas, re-usable bags, organic sprouts, NZ made menstrual cups, Sustainable sponges, Compostable bags, glass jars, Magnesium/Epsom salts, laundry/cleaning products (including DIY), Organic apple cider vinegar – including for pets, Organic hemp seed oil, natural cosmetic ingredients, Organic cotton breastpads, Honey wax wraps, stainless steel straws. Plus more to come.

ll Our intention ll

Our intention is not to criticise plastic usage. Instead, we want to provide other options and promote an environmentally way of thinking. We are, by no means experts. But we would like to invite you on our journey, as we are all in this together. We hope to provide a store (and online store) where people like you have the choice and opportunity or purchase products/items which will allow you to reduce the amount of plastic and discover what amazing products are out there.

Visit our store at 81 Walton Street Whangarei