Daily Supplement - Magnesium Cream

Daily Supplement - Magnesium Cream
High quality magnesium from the dead sea. Magnesium is great for stress, tension, cramps and anxiety. It has major natural anti-anxiety powers and works to quieten down the excitability of our nerves in our muscles, heart and brain.
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Our bodies need magnesium for over 800 cellular functions!  And yet, most of us don’t have enough magnesium to ensure our body can get on with the job properly.

Magnesium is depleted by coffee, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs.  When we get stressed, we lose even more magnesium through our wee.  So if you are stressed, boosting your magnesium levels is a good idea.  

Using magnesium topically is a great way to boost your magnesium levels and help calm you system - and it absorbs faster through the skin.   
Magnesium works in all sorts of ways throughout our bodies.  Here are just a few ways it can help you feel better, recover faster, sleep better, and feel good.

Healthy muscles||
Magnesium relieves sore muscles, relaxes tension, and supports muscles.

Reduces pain||
Along with soothing tense muscles, Magnesium is also great for general pain, including nerve pain, and inflammation. Used topically, Magnesium can help reduce back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.  

Happy legs||
Magnesium can help with cramps in your legs and feet, as well as calming restless leg syndrome and growing pains.

Strong bones and teeth||
Enough magnesium is essential to ensure you absorb calcium effectively.  So when we get low in magnesium, calcium isn’t absorbed as well (hello osteoporosis!)

Healthy hormones||
Magnesium is key to many major hormonal processes in the body. It can help relieve PMS, cramps, and period pain.  It can also be used during labour to help ease back pain.

Better sleep||
Magnesium oil or cream right before you go to bed can help improve the quality of your sleep.

Healthy skin||
Magnesium can help with a wide variety of skin problems including oily skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.  

Heart happy||
Our heart is really just a big muscle and magnesium together with potassium, is key to regulating our hearts rhythm.

Migraine relief||  
Magnesium works to reduce the frequency of migraines and migraine pain.  

Magnesium content in each prouduct: 147mg per teaspoon and 441mg per tablespoon.

*Magnesium used topically can feel itchy on the skin. This is normal. It reduces over time when using the product. (Just avoid using it on any broken skin or areas after shaving) We  recommend massaging it into your feet.

Ingredients:Distilled water,  Magnesium Chloride, Hemp seed oil, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, oil, Shea butter, Lavender, Benzyl alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid (Geogard 221 - eco-cert approved preservative)

"Wicked Sensations (Eko Hub) Magnesium Spray has flown to Perth and Bali and is now on a road trip to Esperance, WA. I usually suffer horrendous restless leg syndrome on planes and can’t sleep - actually messes with my head as it starts the minute I sit down, but holy moly, slept on the way to Perth and pretty much the whole flight to Bali with not a single twitch!! Bloody awesome ladies! Sleeping pills and diazepam have not done a single thing to help my legs in the past, but this little beauty is pure magic. No jiggling, no spending the flights walking the aisles, and no anxiety. Flying was always unbelievably stressful, but not now! I think I love you ladies! I’ll never be without it again. Thank you a million thank yous xx" - Nadie T

“I take magnesium supplements and also use Eko Hub magnesium cream that helps immensely with peripheral neuropathy in my feet (permanent side effect of chemo). Stops the burning sensation and pain at night allowing me a good night's sleep.” – Donna K

“I remember the first time I tried your magnesium cream it was a life changer! I’m definitely getting some when I’m back xxx” – Ash B

“I saw your post about magnesium cream about 2 months a bought some. It’s fantastic. I don’t have any issues with restless legs anymore. The results were instant. My husband uses it for cramps in his legs.” – Rose P

“Rubbed into bruises it helps them go away faster.Tried it last week.Very impressed.” – Karen H

“Looove your magnesium cream! My youngest gets growing pains and your mag(ic) cream is a little tub of relief! And it smells like candy floss haha” – Emma G

“Yes! This is the best, I’ve used it on my calves before bed to stop cramping through the night” – Shona B

“I'm a fan.!! Both the cream and spray. I never stay away without packing it in my bag. My daughter's are both using it now. It's my go to cream for any sore spots, and great nights Sleep, so great when away. Thank you x” – Lyn Z

“Soooo good for cramp! I had been getting horrible leg cramps every night throughout my pregnancy and since I've been using your magnesium cream on my feet and legs before I go to bed, I'm down to maybe once per week, brilliant!” – Carina D

“We love ours! My 9 year old keeps the kids magnesium jar right next to his bed. Such a good little investment and as up to 90% of us are deficient in magnesium it is def something we should all have in our house!:” – Taransay M

“My doctor also recommended magnesium for my 7 year old who feels anxious sometimes. We have your cream and put it on her feet every night before bed. She is so much calmer and sleeps so much better now and this is the only thing we have changed for her. Love it!:” – Claire E

“Love magnesium and we love your Magnesium Cream!” – Jane F

"I've just bought the magnesium cream and have been using it for 3 nights now. Am amazed at the difference in sleep quality and exercise recovery. Omg, life changer" - Veronica O

"This magnesium cream is amazing!!!" - Katie C

"Love the Magnesium products!" - Kathy L

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