Joint & Muscle Ease - Calamari Gel

Joint & Muscle Ease - Calamari Gel
Calamari is high in anti-inflammatory properties. The oil used for this product comes as a by-product from squid that is already being used as bait. This powerful natural pain relief gel has had incredible feedback over the past years.

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Calamari oil contains 3-4 times the Omega 3 of fish. With added Camphor and essential oils, this gel is a powerhouse to help reduce discomfort from conditions such as arthritis, general joint and muscle pain and is great for after work outs.

May support joint mobility and muscle function. Can aid in reducing discomfort and inflammation.

We have had such amazing feedback about this product over the years. To read some reviews, click on The Calamari tab on the home page.

Apply to affected area twice daily.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Calamari oil, Glycerin, Apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, Sclerotium gum, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Camphor, Rosemary, Ginger, Lavender, Vanilla, Geogard 221 (eco-cert preservative)

External use only. Avoid contact with eyes and skin abrasions. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, under the age of 16, or if you have seafood allergies.

Eucalyptus - Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Cinnamon - A warming agent to help ease discomfort

Peppermint - To help reduce discomfort of muscles

Camphor - Helps to relieve discomfort and inflammation

Rosemary - Anti-inflammatory properties

Ginger - Anti-inflammatory properties

Lavender - Calming and Anti-inflammatory properties

Black Pepper - Analgesic properties

"I've tried many of your products & love them all, but my favourite would be your calamari oil in a roller.
It's like magic! Roll it on & the pain magically disappears.
Lasts for ever - great value for money too.
" - Charlie

"Started using the calamari gel about 2.5 years ago for my muscles when I was training for a half marathon. So good for sore muscles, and for taking the pain away. Still use today for whenever muscles are sore - we are never without it now." - Nikita

"Number one fan of calamari rub.
I now have friends who also use it now after me rubbing mine onto their sore spots. Amazing stuff for aching joints and muscles." - Lyn

“I used the calamari oil for my shoulder injury. It worked great and reduced the pain ans aching i was having. I now use it for any aches and pains i have and my mum also uses it to. very impressed. Thank you” – Nina

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the calamari oil... My knee has been hurting on and off and I decided to rub in the calamari all around the knee cap where it ached. Honestly within 5-8 mins, it had removed the pain and I was no longer limping!And it has lasted for a week. Incredible magic!” – Rachel Snook

“Just been to the Ruakaka Beach markets to pick up our ordered Calamari oil. Jane had it all ready and labeled. This is the second lot we have got and could not be more pleased with the results that we get using it on those achey arthritic places. My husband has found it most efficacious when applied to his knee joints and me for my hands. It is truly wonderful when you find a natural product that lives up to your expectations. I also bought some of the new Goat Milk Lotion and most pleased indeed as there are none of the smell effects that I have had with moisturisers with those "artificial" scents. Thank you Wicked Sensations, you have made me a happy woman.” – Alex

“I brought some of the arthritis pain relief for my knee, what a great product works very well and relieved the pain so I can now work a lot better.” – Lynette Auger

“For 8 years I was taking fish oil and Manuka honey and deer velvet tablets for arthritis in my hands, the tablets were wonderful, but now I just rub the calamari oil on my fingers when needed. I used it fairly regularly to start but now not so much. I still have pain now and then but nothing like I used to. I have used 3 tubes of oil since October 2015. Lovely not having to take any pills.” – Heather Edwards

“It's been 7 weeks now since I had my knee replacement! I was told by the surgeon that I would hate him for that period of time and that I would not be entirely pain free for at least 6 months! I have been using Magic Squid Oil for the last 4 weeks: I put it on maybe twice a day now (more to begin with) and my knee is completely pain free! It works instantly which is a surprise and I am really happy that I am not having to resort to other means of pain killing! Really happy!!” - Len Light

“I have been using the Wicked Sensation Supercharged Calamari oil for some time now. It is so easy to use and carry being a roll on dispenser - no spills! The oil smells pleasant and provides a great consistency to massage into the skin. It is warming and gives fast relief for my sore shoulder and neck muscles. I love it! My husband finds relief for his painful knees using it too.” – Sue 

"I've been meaning to message u to say I received the product u sent the other day. Can I say OMG it's fantastic. It really helps so much I want to bath in it lol...I'm so happy u sent this to me and I will be highly recommending it to all my clients and friends. I will be going on ur site this weekend and stocking up on a few of the products I liked when I had a look. I just want to say thank u so much. I'm going to be a life time buyer. Thank u x"

"I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Wicked Sensations.  I have recently discovered their products and to be honest won’t look elsewhere now.The first product I tired was the MSN Pain Relief Gel – WOW.  I was participating in my first half marathon and like a twonk blew my knees out – one at around 11kms and 18kms – stopping was not an option as I was in a team of four and it was in honour of my dad who as dying! The gel seriously kept me going – it warmed and nulled the pain to such an extent I crossed that line! I applied it regularly and sparingly (yep you don’t need a lot) throughout the race and all through the journey home.  When I awoke I was in far less pain than I should have been! The following day I needed more so went to the local health shop, they were out and so was given the Calamari oil instead – seriously – what a product – I was back to form within a few hours!  Still stiff but the swelling in my knees had virtually disappeared and the pain was gone!  I was so amazed I ordered 4 bottles for my dad in England – his arthritis is so bad and I truly think this will help. Not only do their products work beautifully, the company’s natural and organic philosophies fit with our lifestyle. My little sister is also a convert to the products – I’ve had to send both over to her as well! Oh and product #3 I use is the Magnesium cream – insomnia is gone! I’ll say no more! Every night without fail it’s on! Thanks guys" - Emma

"I was introduced to wicked sensation over two years ago, and the first product I tried was the Supercharged Omega – 3 Calamari Oil. I had a sore joint at the base of my thumb and within a short period of time I had instant relief it was fantastic, to have such quick pain relief, I also really liked the fact that the it was a natural product, and was made in Northland.I am looking forward to using more of the wicked sensation products " Iris

"Hi my name is skye. I have been using supercharged omega-3 calamari oil on and off for about 2 months . I have got ligament damage in my wrist which causes me really bad pain. As I am a barista and play netball, I need to be able to use my wrist. I am happy to say that since I've been using this product, I have had no problems. I have the odd niggel but nothing bad. I highly recommend it." - Skye

"I have found this product really good for muscle stiffness, I had polio as a child and because of walking with a limp have trouble with lower back pain, which is greatly help by rubbing calamari oil in 3/4 times over the day. Best product I have used,So a Big Thankyou". -Lyn

"My mother and I use this and we have both found it to a great alternative to pain killers. I used it on my Achilles that I had torn and within half an hour the pain had gone. Would recommend this product to everyone." - Shannon

"Use this for my husbands shoulder 3 days of using it and its great he said its working and less painful" -Holly

“My husband just used the Calamari oil for the first time in ages the other day for gout and had wicked results! I put it on with rollerball then massaged it in for about 10 minutes, later that day no gout. My Dad also uses it for his sore wrists. Great product!” - Carla

"Have just given my mum some to try on her arthritis in her hands. She is now calling it Lyns magic stuff. Looks like I will be ordering more.!" – Lyn

"Gave some to my friend for her wrist and she has raved about the pain relief it's given her going into netball season! Awesome stuff!" – Rebecca

"This product is all natural and works 10/10. My first time using it I was a little skeptical about its efficacy on my ankle. Honestly it works wonders and now it is my go to pain-relief. Thanks guys for making an amazing alternative to pharmaceuticals" – HJ

"I love this stuff!! I use it when my knee hurts, it then stops within seconds! Could hardly believe at the first time. Absolutely great" - Svenja

"Morning , Well I just want to put this out there, I tried your product for inflammation etc and I have to say Amazing .!!!!!!!!!!! I've used other products but this product has given me the best result ever. Highly,Highly recommended" - Rachelle

"After suffering with old rugby injuries on my shoulders from playing front row,which would wake me up, I tried Calamari Gel from Wicked Sensation. (Eko Hub) I applied it before bed and it helped with the pain and i was able to get a better rest."- Tony

"I have been experiencing RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my wrists lately and have been rubbing the Supercharged omega 3 calamari oil into the palm, wrist and thumb of my hand. This product is amazing! I would loose strength and be unable to grip hold of things properly, but since using the oil i havnt been getting any pain in my wrist. I had also twisted my knee a few months back and used the calamari oil on the inflamed area. It brought the swelling down and i was able to bend my knee the next day. Love this product!" - Stevie