Wendyls Natural Laundry powder Rose Concentrate

Wendyls Natural Laundry powder Rose Concentrate
Natural Laundry Powder Rose Concentrate 1kg – there is nothing quite like the wonderful smell of rose on your clothes and linens.
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The highly concentrated formula gives you sixty six washes from one bag – we don’t use chemical fillers so you only need 1 tablespoon per load.

100% natural – made from nothing but castile soap (made from organic Fair Trade olive, coconut, hemp and jojoba oils), washing soda (soda ash), baking soda, palmarosa and rose geranium essential oils.

- Safe for people with skin allergies as there is no chemical residue left behind in the clothes
-Can be used in cold water and front loaders
- No white residue on black clothes

100% Natural.  Hand-made in New Zealand. Family owned and operated.

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