Naturally White Massage Soap Bar for Horses & Hounds - with Mesh Drawstring Bag

Naturally White Massage Soap Bar for Horses & Hounds - with Mesh Drawstring Bag
Completely natural and handmade in New Zealand, the deep cleansing and stain-removing action of this Soap, is designed to cleanse and massage your horse or hound. The soap comprises of a blend of oils with added finely ground NZ organic volcanic pumice and gold certified essential plant oils.
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The natural ingredients and certified essential plant oils in our Naturally White Soap Wash are anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-fungal. The cleansing soap is naturally formulated to help with skin disorders, mud fever, rain scald and bacterial skin complaints.

Excellent for white horses with the cleansing and conditioning properties which bring out the beauty and whiteness of their tails, manes, and coats in one rinse.

*Also suitable as a cleansing and softening wash for coloured animals as it does not contain any chemicals or bleaches. It also makes a fantastic flea deterrent.

Active Ingredients in our Naturally White Soap Wash for Horses & Hounds contain: 

Active Ingredients in our Naturally White Soap Wash for Horses & Hounds contain:   
Base of finely ground organic volcanic pumice, certified gold plant essential oils, dried herbs, & other organic oils
Lavender oil repels bugs and takes the sting away from bites. It is a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial oil with good antioxidant properties. 
Peppermint is an emollient and astringent and is stimulating, cleansing, restorative and healing. 
Chamomile relaxes sore muscles, fights infection and promotes healing. 
Neem oil has natural insecticidal properties and is a natural vegetable oil extracted from the Neem tree in India. The leaves, seeds and seed oil of the Neem
tree contain sallanin, a compound which has effective mosquito repelling properties. 

Eucalyptus oil is also used in antiseptic and germicidal disinfectants because of its pleasant odor and its effectiveness in killing bacteria. Eucalyptus oil has
great medicinal value due to its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It helps to keep pets clean of fleas,
ticks, and lice. 

Lemongrass oil helps with infections and keeps the family pet flea and tick free and smelling nice.

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