Healing as! Black Cumin Seed Oil

Healing as! Black Cumin Seed Oil
Black cumin seed oil is a pleasantly pungent and spicy tasting oil with a huge range of benefits experienced by many peoples over a recorded history of 4000 years.
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Strong anti-inflammatory effect
Proven vaso dilatory effect
Strong anti-viral properties

This is what black cumin seed oil or nigella sativa has been used for:

Anti inflammatory
Analgesic – pain
Natural anti-biotic
Tumor therapy
Anti fungal – anti candida
Thrombosis – blood clot preventer
Over reactive Immune System (allergies, rheumatism, M.S., leukaemia, hayfever and asthma)
Hormone System (P.M.S.)
Allergic Skin Diseases (inflammations, edemas, nettle rash, acne & eczema)
Digestive Problems
Cough, Colds & Flu
Intestinal Parasites (worms; amoeba)
Liver and Gall bladder complaints
Kidney and Bladder problems
Bladder inflammation
Rheumatic and Arthritic pain
Bruises and injuries
Weak concentration, mental exhaustion, lethargy, confusion
High Blood Pressure

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