Organic Kombucha Starter Kit - (Probiotic Tea)

Organic Kombucha Starter Kit - (Probiotic Tea)
The Organic Starter Kit Contains: Recipe (Which is on Back of Package) - Organic Kombucha culture/Scoby and Starter Fluid.

One Kombucha Starter Kit Makes 1-3 Litres of Kombucha, at One Time.

To keep this organic, we suggest using our organic Heke homemade herbal teas that we stock, and use organic raw sugar if possible
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Kombucha has Been Around for More than 2,000 Years and Has a Rich Anecdotal History of Benefits.

Be Creative and Make Your Favourite Craft-Batched and Home Brewed Flavours to Reap the Rewards of Deliciously Great Wellbeing.

Organic* Ingredient - Kombucha Scoby*, Kombucha Fluid*.

Note - Never Touch Kombucha Culture with Your Hands and Never Breathe Directly Over Scoby, To Eliminate Cross Contamination.

* Keep the packet in the fridge when not using it

Packaging is Compostable and Breaks down within 6-12 Months, Plus is 100% Reusable!

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