Symbiota Coconut Yoghurt Kit

Symbiota Coconut Yoghurt Kit
Make your own delicious coconut yogurt without any of the nasties!
Included in this kit:
1 Litre Symbiota Glass Jar
1 Food grade thermometer
Vegan Yogurt Starter to make 50 litres of yogurt
All natural and vegan yogurt thickener
Instructions and recipes
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Symbiota is extremely proud of offering a vegan yogurt culture which has NO maltodextrins, fillers or lactose! Vegan yogurts tend to be thinner compared to dairy yogurts. An organic natural thickener has been included for those who would prefer a thicker yogurt. 

Simply warm a good quality coconut cream (or nut milk) to 60 degrees Celsius, add thickener, reduce temperature to 42 degrees Celsius, add your vegan yogurt culture and maintain your coconut cream between 38-43 degrees Celsius for at least 8 hours. The longer you leave your yogurt to ferment the more sour it will be. Many people use dehydrators, warm water baths, preheated ovens, heating mats, thermos and more to maintain the temperature of their yogurt at a constant temperature during fermentation process. 

NB: Please note it is very important to keep your culture dry. Therefore you MUST allow your tub of culture to come up to room temperature before opening the tub otherwise the air will condense on the culture and ruin it with moisture.


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